4 ways to prove emotional distress to the court

When you suffer for someone’s wrongdoing, like become a victim of a car accident, then you suffer both physically and mentally. You may break your limbs, and as a result, you may no longer go to your office. This causes emotional distress. Unlike physical injuries, emotional injuries are very hard to prove. Physical injuries are evident. But emotional distress is psychological. Here are four ways you can prove your emotional distress to the court.


When your mental anguish is more, there is better chance that you will be able to prove your emotional distress. So, the court will agree that you deserve compensation.


If the pain is persistent and recurring, then you have a better chance of getting compensation. Post-traumatic stress can prove that you have suffered severe emotional distress.

Related physical harm

Because of emotional distress, you might experience bodily injuries like headaches, ulcer, etc. These are physical signs of distress. If you can prove this, you will get compensation.

Underlying cause

If the underlying cause of the emotional distress is severe, then there is more chance that you will get compensation for emotional distress. For example, a person who has survived a bombing is more likely to get compensation for emotional distress than someone who was a victim of a car injury without much physical injury.

With your claim, you must provide a doctor’s note. You should provide appropriate documentation to demonstrate the intensity and duration of the emotional distress.

5 types of medical negligence claim you can get

Every year, millions of dollars of claims are made due to medical negligence. Here are the most common forms of personal injury claims for medical negligence.


If the doctors fail to correct a suffering, then it falls under medical misdiagnosis. If either the condition is undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, it is referred to as medical misdiagnosis.

Surgical negligence

Sometimes doctors make surgical mistakes. Some kinds of surgical negligence are called ‘Never events.’ These are the events that the government takes very seriously. Types of surgical negligence include the wrong type of operation being performed, the wrong body part being operated, foreign objects left in the body, an infection caused due to poor hygiene, etc.

Medication errors

If patients are given wrong medication by mistake, then it can have serious consequences. Patients may also die for prescribing the wrong medication. Giving incorrect dosage also falls under this category.

Negligent medical advice

The doctors must inform you about the risks associated with certain medical procedures so that you can take an informed decision regarding your treatment. If the doctors fail to do so and the patients suffer because of this then it is considered as medical negligence.

Birth injuries

If any baby suffers during the pregnancy period due to doctor’s negligence then you can file a medical negligence claim. Birth injury may occur during pregnancy, during labor or even after birth.

If you find that you have experienced personal injury due to any of these medical negligences, then you can ask for compensation. But you should remember that you have only three years to issue a claim at the court.

5 reasons why you should patent your invention

If you have invented something, you should patent your inventions immediately. Patent takes a long time to process and costs a lot as well. Still, you must do it. Here are the reasons why.

Protect against copying

It is very hard to convert an idea to market your product or service. You will need to share your concepts with investors and other partners so that you can get your idea to the market. By having a provisional patent, no one will be able to steal your idea or concept.

Protect the company’s ability to do business

If you don’t patent your invention, someone will copy it and enter the market with your product. So, you will have competition in the market. You may also lose the right to compete if that person files a patent for the product. If this happens, all your efforts and money will be wasted.

Increase market position

If you have a patent portfolio, you will increase the market position by preventing other companies from competing in your specific niche. You will thus get a better market position, and the competition will be low. So, you will get a good return on investment for your company.

Get licensing fees

You may not be able to commercialize your concept finally. But there might be others who have resources to turn your idea into a commercial commodity. Your company can then get licensing fees for using your concept.

Improves CV

If you have a patent portfolio, it shows that you have a technical expertise and the commitment to inventing something. Investors and partners will appreciate it and might want to work with you.

Patenting products take time and resources, but the benefits of it are huge. Even if it’s hard for you, it is important that you get a patent for your invention.